Math 103

1.1 arithmetic operations
Calculator's + - * / x2 ( ) ± = absolute value of difference=distance
1.1 PEMDAS etc mathpapa. Multiply:* or ()   Divide:/  Exponent:^2
1.2 prime factorization calculatorsoup: Prime Factors primes<64K    primes5M.png
1.2 multiples of an integer calculatorsoup: Multiples
1.2 least common multiple (LCM) calculatorsoup: Least Common Multiple (LCM)
1.2 factors of an integer calculatorsoup: Factoring
1.2 greatest common factor (GCF) calculatorsoup: Greatest Common Factor (GCF)
1.3 convert Mixed number to Improper fraction mathpapa. 5 2/3 Step-By-Step
1.3 convert Improper to Mixed number calculatorsoup: Simplifying Proper and Improper Fractions fractions    fractions
1.3 convert Mixed number to Decimal mathpapa.
1.3 convert fraction to Decimal mathpapa.
1.3 convert Decimal to fraction calculatorsoup: Decimal to Fraction
1.3 compare two fractions calculatorsoup: Comparing Fractions
1.3 fraction calculator mathpapa.
1.4 square rooting Calculator's √ number first, then the √
1.4 root arithmetic mathpapa sqrt    roots    rootX    Mult. table
Real numbers
1.5 exponentiation/powers Calculator's x2 x3 xy Exponent rules      Exponents more      exponent.docx
1.5 reciprocal Calculator's 1/x           ASCII
googolplex=10googol= 1 followed by a googol 0's (fill up universe)
1.5 scientifc notation converter rapidtables: Scientific notation converter limited range. No commas in/out
1.5 scientifc notation calculations rapidtables: Scientific Notation Calculator +-*/ of 2 sci. not. nos.
2.1 algebraic expression evaluation mathpapa p.67 #1: 5x2+2y @ x=3; y=7    Alg expr
2.2 simplifying algebraic expressions mathpapa
2.3 solving linear equations mathpapa then add @x=solution
2.4 literal equations: solve for another variable mathpapa tell which variable to solve for. It lowercases all.
3.1 3.2 word problem --> linear equation mathpapa solves the resulting linear equation
3.3 units, ratios, rates, linear proportions mathpapa solves the resulting linear equation
3.4 percent problems. A=PB.
Increase/decrease:final-first=Pfirst (first=B, A=final-first).
Markup: S=B+A (B=base, A=markup).
Dscount: S=B-A (B=base, A=discount|markdown)
mathpapa solves the resulting linear equation
3.5 (linear) inequalities mathpapa <= >= (MP can @x= evaluate single inequality but not two.)
4.1 monomial*polynomial, binomial*binomial (FOIL) mathpapa. (ax+b)(cx+d)=acx2+(ad+bc)x+bd
4.2 factoring: 1.common factor 2.quadratic trinomial into two linear binomial factors and also solve quadratic equation mathpapa. "standard form": ax2+bx+c=0
4.3 quadratic formula
mathpapa. calculate the solutions for (approx.) decimal value
5.1 plot points in xy plane. mathpapa. (x1,y1);(x2,y2) ... 10x10 graph  2x2 graph (zoom in browser)
5.1 evaluate function mathpapa. =y (f(x)doesn't work) @x=
5.1 graphing linear and quadratic functions mathpapa. y= xmin xmax ymin ymax to change viewport. Many:f1;f2;f3
5.1 graphing linear and quadratic functions Symbolab. zoomable dragable graph. important points.
Linear functions & equations, examples
5.2 linear equation 2 vars.≡linear function
Ax+By+C=0 ≡ y=mx+b ≡ f(x)=mx+b
mathpapa. slope: m, y-intercept: b
0=mx+b solve to get x-intercept, or -b/m.
5.3 solving and graphing systems of linear equations. mathpapa Solve [& evaluate a point]: EQ1;EQ2 [@(a,b)] Graph.
5.4 quadratic function f(x)=ax2+bx+c mathpapa a>0:up, a<0:down.
|a| small:wide,shallow. |a| large:narrow,steep.
vertex (min or max) x:-b/2a y:f(-b/2a)=c-b2/4a
x-intercepts (if any) Solutions: 0=ax2+bx+c
Quadratic functions, examples
5.4 quadratic function Symbolab
5.5 exponential functions mathpapa OR Calculator: xy to evaluate. 1 Inv ex for e e
Exponential functions, examples
5.6 logarithmic functions Mathpapa OR Calculator: x log or ln to evaluate log scale
earthquake data earthquake graph
6.1 simple interest Simple interest calculator
6.2 compound interest Compound interest calculator
6.3 annuities Annuity calculator worksheet
6.4 mortgages Mortgage calculator worksheet
7.1 counting: fundamental, permutations, combinations Permutations & Combinations calculator permutations   combinations
7.2 probability coin & die flipping experiments card hand generator
8.1 8.2 8.3 frequency distribution, histogram and stats freq dist, histogram, stats
freq dist-->data
Generate random data distributions
8.2 8.3 mean & standard deviation Calculator: View|Statistics: Add the xi Then ∑     x̄     σn-1 Ye Olde Data
8.4 normal distributions, z-scores x-->Z-score-->CDF graph Normals in Mathpapa.
C.L.T. demo
8.5 correlation correlation, scatter plot, regression line examples    1969 draft    data
Anscombe's quartet

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number, then ± x2log ln n! 1/x

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