CMIS 325 Unix/Linux

I find your lack of faith disturbing. D. Vader


Week 1 install
Week 2 system cmds     Week 2 conference
Week 3 conference
Week 4 conference
My Ubuntu10 screenshot
Week 5 conference
Week 6 conference
Week 7 conference

Class notes (bash shell interaction and scripting)
a command list      Speed up
pipe redirection globbing      sort cut      tr      awk (1-column word freq and sum)      Basic networking
filters notes (grep, sed, awk)

Lab Day 1 desktop
Lab Day 2 system hardware/software
Lab Day 3 files
Lab Day 4
Lab Day 5
Lab Day 6 globbing and piping
Lab Day 6b cutting and sorting
Lab Day 7 tr
Lab Day 8 networking
Lab Day 9 grep
Lab Day 10 grepmeister
Lab Day 11 'nuff sed?
Lab Day 12awk 1
Lab Day 13awk 2
Lab Day 14Misc.
Lab Day 15Misc.2
Final Day

Lab exercise 1
Lab exercise 3     
Lab exercise 4
Lab exercise 5
Lab exercise 6
Lab exercise Net
Lab exercise 7
Lab exercise sed
Homework Due: 3 Oct
Lab exercise awk
Lab exercise awk 2      Relative frequency of letters in various texts

a Linux glossary from LPI

Some performance tips.
Java on Linux setup notes
Wireless on Linux
MySQL on Linux
Oracle on Linux
screenshot (1.1M) of Ubuntu 7 with xplanet on desktop on a Toshiba Satellite
A screenshot (900K) of my Xfce window manager on a Dell Latitude D505 running Fedora Core 3.
A screenshot (190K) of my F2 window manager desktop with xplanet running in root window. Task bar and menus not shown.
A screenshot (117K) of my previous F2 window manager desktop with xearth running in root window. Task bar and menus not shown.

Partitioning disk drive for Linux installation

I don't know the "safety status" of partitioning a disk in Windows or in the various Linux installations, so I use a 3rd party partitioning program:
Old: How to non-destructively partition a FAT disk using fips in preparation for installing Linux (or for whatever)
New: FATs and 2000/XP NTFS can be safely partitioned with BootItNG Follow the instructions to make a bootable floppy (basically: in Windows unzip, run the bootitng.exe). Here's an iso file to burn to CD instead. [And here's one program to enable ISO burning in XP (after installing it there will be a "Copy image to CD" option when you right click an .iso file)]
[here's another ISO burner for Windows: Infra Recorder (download, install, choose Burn Image)
Bootitng: Boot from the floppy/cd, Cancel Setup, go into Maintenance mode, choose Partition Work icon, select partition to Resize, make it smaller (creating space for Linux partition), Create new partition from the Freed space, then either
1.) Format it as FAT32, Resize it to create space for Linux swap partition (about 2 times the size of your RAM), Create the swap partition .
2.) Format it as Linux Native (and don't create a swap partition, which is only needed if the computer you're going to install Linux on has little RAM or will be heavily used).

Fedora 5

list of 2208 RPMs
comps.xml (without xml:lang tags) List of grouped packages, dependencies. (View the Source if using MS IE)

Ubuntu information

knoppix information

tomsrtbt information

CygwinX information

Linux on a Zenith 2MB 386 laptop as seen on

Linux on a Sony Vaio PCG-Z505C/BP as seen on

MS Windows X servers Run X on Win32.

Windows Telnet/SSH client. Much better than Microsoft's cheapo telnet.
PuTTY (.exe 348K). No install. Just run it. SSH enabled. SSH encrypts all traffic, including your password. Use SSH instead of Telnet
pscp version of scp (secure ftp) for Windows. From putty people.

Windows finger client. to see who's on.
Quik finger (.exe 16K). No install. Just run it.
Note: NT and XP has a finger command.

My .emacs file.

Some interesting documents and links

list of 687 commands
LPI certification
LPI glossary 3.11

Fedora glossary
comp.os.linux newsgroup Guides, HowTos, FAQs
GUIs X window managers (17 major ones and many minor ones) and 4 desktop environments. If you can't stand the freedom and choice with Linux, try MS.
sed one-liners
GNU Awk User's Guide 1.7MB
Timeline of Unix/Linux

Who's using Linux:

Running the gamut from
the tiny:
PDAs          Cell phones          Palm switching to Linux          Embedded Linux          Embedded

the small
TiVo          PlayStation 3          Simputer          $400 laptop          $200 desktop

the workstation
DreamWorks      Pixar      ILM

the powerful
Beowulf parallel computing clusters

the large
IBM TPF software engine behind the world's airline, hotel and rental car reservations systems, and credit-card systems like Visa and American Express.

IBM System z formerly the 390 mainframe

the huge
Google's half a million servers

In the November 2005 TOP500 list of supercomputers the two fastest supercomputers in the world ran Linux. Of the 500 systems, 371 (74.2%) ran some version of Linux, including seven of the top ten.
IBM Roadrunner first petaflops computer, 16000 Opterons and 16000 Cells

World's largest Wi-Fi network

Humungous Databases (note: most are Unix)

Rant section

Why Microsoft's monopoly sucks
Why Microsoft's abuse of its monopoly sucks
Lord of the OSes.
12-step program to overcome MS dependency
MS keyboard


In the Beginning...
Unix as Literature (16K)
Manager's Guide to Linux (234KB) somewhat dated

100% MS Free 100% MS Free Dancing Tux