X servers that run on MS Windows

the best

the team of Cygwin (port of basic Unix to run on Win32) and Xfree86 port to Win32. All free, all great. Large downloads though from www.cygwin.com and xfree86.cygwin.com They'll fit on a Zip disk; you can copy them from the lab. Easy install (see their illustrated Guide to downloading and installing both).
Kadena Lab has it installed on all W2K's, turning them into X terminals. Just click on the Kadenix desktop icon to start the X server and query kadenix over xdmcp to get the login screen. This is what it then looks like.
Instructions for installing in lab.

the others

MI X server Zip 1.9 MB Updated: 2 Jan. 2001
Unzip into a folder with no spaces in its name.
Don't run the setup.
TNTSTART.EXE is the W9x application.
Mix-faq.htm is the documentation.
tntserv.twm is the window manager's (TWM) configuration file.
Make connection with telnet to kadenix, then run mix command.
Screenshot .gif 35K
Advantages: free.
Disadvantages: old (uses X11R5), so some apps won't run in it. Window manager is TWM (old, dull). Can run a window manager on remote server, but still looks creaky.

A better X server: X-Win32 server Zip 3.3 MB
Unzip into C:\Program Files\StarNet\X-Win32 5.1\
Run the xwin32.exe. Choose Evaluation. Will go thru a configuration:
Connect Method: Xdmcp
Host name: kadenix.dhs.org
XDMCP Mode: Query
Name of session: kadenix
finish, it'll be in tray. Right click, choose X-Config:
Security tab, X-host list, Add kadenix.dhs.org
select Use XAuth
Windows tab, set Window Mode to Single
Make connection with telnet, then run xwin32 command. Assumes .fvwm2rc is in your home directory; can copy mine if not.
Move MS windows task bar to top of screen.
Screenshot .gif 87K
Advantages: X11R6, so most (all?) apps run in it.
Disadvantages: evaluation copy only, so get nag window every 30 minutes. 2 hour session limit (simply restart it for another 2 hour session). Commercial version is lots of money per seat. Only one copy can be running on LAN at a time.