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They're saying it, software engineering is the best job in USA. IT analyst is not bad either.
They're saying it again, software engineering is the best job in USA. IT analyst is not bad either.
The Best Jobs of 2012 IT careers: #2,5,6,7,9
BLS 2013 CS occupations.docx

Installing J2SE JDKfrom Sun/Oracle. Choose the JDK 7 Update 51 (or whatever the most recent update number is)
Java SE Platform (JDK) 7 Update 51    Java SE Development Kit 7u51 jdk-7u51-windows-x64.exe 124 MB   
Accepting all the defaults when installing is fine.
Yes, there is a Linux version of the JDK. See my out-of-date notes about it here. MAC too, somewhere...

Oracle/Sun's Java online reference very complex. Unusable to learn how to program, it's for highly detailed reference.

Installing JCreator        Using JCreator

Misc Windows tricks

SKIP: For people who need to know how to access and upload to your web site and to make an index.html file, do these: accessing/uploading and making index.html

Day 1: Make an applet that looks like this.

MathDemo applet     MathDemo.java
Lab 1 coin flipping
CoinFlip applet     CoinFlip.java
Dialog applet     Dialog.java
textarea scrollpane applet     ScrollPane.java     ScrollPaneTest.java
Lab 2 more coins and die rolling
tax Homework
GPA Homework
Loan Homework
Calendar Homework

Lab 3     prime applet

ArrayStuff applet     ArrayStuff.java
Lab 4 array play
ArrayStuff2 applet     ArrayStuff2.java sort, binarySearch
ArrayStrings.java array of Strings
Lab 5 array play2     array histogram applet    

pseudo-Japanese applet     Japanese.java random pseudo-japanese strings
Homework 3 Due: 2 Oct

SwitchTest applet     SwitchTest.java
SwitchMonth applet     SwitchMonth.java
Lab 6 nested loops fun figures     RandomStars.java     RandomTriangles.java
DoLoops applet     DoLoops.java
CharTest applet     CharTest.java
UnicodeTest applet     UnicodeTest.java
Lab: GPA do char switch     GradeCount applet
BooleanTest applet     BooleanTest.java
IntCheck1.javasafely input an int
Two ints input at once     TwoInts.java

Homework Due: 26 April     RandomNetworks

FirstApplet.java     FirstApplet.html
HelloApplet2.java     HelloApplet2.html
Circle2Applet.java     Circle2Applet.html
Lab applets
Starburst applet
Sticks applet
Bouncing applet

Lab 8 Roman, Celsius, Random points of light     Roman applet     Celsius applet     RandomPoints applet    

MethodsTest applet     MethodsTest.java
IntCheckMethodTest.java safe int input
Lab 12 Methods     Roman.java     Rectangles.java    

Calendar homework Due: 7 Dec

Date1Driver applet     Date1Driver.java     Date1.java simple date class
Lab Dates
Lab Monster
Date2.java more constructors
Date3.java static members
Date4.java equals() compareTo()
Monster Homework

RandomWalk applet     RandomWalk.java
Homework: GUI
RandomWalk2 applet     RandomWalk2.java avoid revisiting points
RandomLines applet     RandomLines.java textfield and button
Lab 9 JLabel JTextField JButton ActionListener

RandomWalkMidterm applet

RandomPoints apllet     RandomPoints.java

RandomWalkAnimation applet     RandomWalkAnimation.java animation
Rosette applet     Rosette.java animation
RosetteParam applet     RosetteParam.java param tag
BouncingTime applet     BouncingTime.java
Lab: bouncing ball animation

TwoDArrayDemo.java 2D array
Maze2DArray applet     Maze2DArray.java
Centroid applet     Centroid.java
Life applet     Life.java
1D Cellular automata applet     CA1D.java
Percolation applet     Percolation.java 2D array
GrayScale pixels/blocks applet     GrayScale.java 2D array

Lab 2D arrays

Mousing applet     Mousing.java skip
Mousing2 applet     Mousing2.java (no super.paint, thus no arrays)
Lab Mousing circles     Mousing circles applet

BouncingTime applet     BouncingTime.java     Bouncing animation applet

Homework Bouncing animation Due: 21 Dec.

SimpChatClient.java     SimpChatServer.java networking

SliderDemo applet     SliderDemo.java
Lab slider, jar, network

Chaos applet     Chaos.java
Sierpinski applet     Sierpinski.java
PolygonsTest applet     PolygonsTest.java
Lab 13 Polygon array     PolygonsTest3 applet     PolygonsTest3.java
Lab Polygon array with sliders

BouncingMouse applet     BouncingMouse.java mouse, animation, widgets, panel
Swing GUIs and Layout managers     Events and listeners
SwingGUIs applet     SwingGUIs.java
BorderLayoutTest applet     BorderLayoutTest.java
GridLayoutTest applet     GridLayoutTest.java
JPanelSubclassTest applet     JPanelSubclassTest.java
CheckboxesDemo.html     CheckboxesDemo.java absolute postitoning of a Box of JCheckBoxes
CircleRadii applet    

SoundClipsDemo Applet     SoundClipsDemo.java
gong.au     drip.au     ding.au     beep.au     ip.au    

ImageIconDemo Applet     ImageIconDemo.java
trees.gif     icon1.png
Jar information

Midi Maker applet     MidiMaker.java
BeatBox applet     BeatBoxApplet.java

Apery.java     RandomE.java     Derangements.java     PythagTriples.java     Lagrange.java     PerfectNumbers.java     Polygons.java     Viswanath.java
FibonacciSteps applet     FibonacciSteps.java     11 steps image
PIpoints.java     1 M digits of PI     as image (each triple of digits is coord)
PolygonsCircle applet     PolygonsCircle.java
Spirals applet     Spirals.java
KeplerTriangle applet     KeplerTriangle.java

Gaussian normal applet     ArayGauss.java
NormalPoints applet     NormalPoints.java     normal curve text     anscombe's quartet     as spreadsheet
NormalCurve applet     NormalCurve.java
BinomialCurve applet     BinomialCurve.java
PoissonCurve applet     PoissonCurve.java
Correlation.java     correlationDataSpearman.txt
Confidence intervals applet     Confidence.java

Vectors applet Vectors.java
Matrices applet Matrices.java
LinesIntersectionPoint applet LinesIntersectionPoint.java
ChangeExpected applet     ChangeExpected.java
ChangeDollar applet     ChangeDollar.java
Ramanujan.java pairs of pairs of integers whose sum of cubes equal
thermodynmics applet     Thermo.java
TriangleApplet applet     TriangleApplet.java mouse clicking/moving

QuadraticApplet     QuadraticApplet.java        PlotPanel.java quadratic functions
QuadraticDriver many langauge features. old, skip.
LinearApplet     LinearApplet.java linear functions

Trigonometry Applet     Trigonometry.java sin cos tan

Cone.java     ConeDriver.java

Conics sections applet     Conics.java 2D array. mostly ellipse

CircleSegment applet     CircleSegment.java trig unit circle, sectors segments
CircleOverlap applet     CircleOverlap.java overlap of 2 circles. mouse drag    
circleoverlap.png %overlapped as function of distance     CircleOverlapData.java
SphericalCap applet     SphericalCap.java slice thru a sphere
InscribedAngles applet     InscribedAngles.java
SunStuff applet     SunStuff.java day's and annual hours of daylight, max elevation, rise/set points     data of various latitudes
LissajousApplet applet     LissajousApplet.java        LissajousPlotPanel.java

GreatCircle applet     GreatCircle.java distance between 2 points on Earth sphere SpirographApplet applet     SpirographApplet.java hypotrochoids and epitrochoids
QuadrilateralApplet applet     QuadrilateralApplet.java incomplete
Avg2DDistance applet     Avg2DDistance.java each point's average distance to others in a square     illusionary image
ClusteredNetsApplet applet     ClusteredNetsApplet.java incomplete
Pyramid applet     Pyramid.java suitable for printing and folding

CircleRadii2 applet