JCreator is an IDE (Integrated Development Environment) for developing Java programs. It allows you to edit, compile and run Java programs all at one place.

Follow these steps to install JCreator LE

Minor annoyances you may encounter using JCreator:

1. Indentation of my programs won't work unless you change the tab size to 8 characters:
Configure | Options | Editor Java Tabs Size:8

2. If JCreator starts in a Workspace (you can determine if it does if the title bar has a word before "JCreator") which will make compiling and running your program difficult, do:
File|Close Workspace.
Then in:
Configure | Options | Workspace unclick "Open last workspace at startup".

3. sometimes the Compile and Execute buttons become inactive due to some "Tool" running, so in the Tools menu click Stop Tool.

4. We won't be using the Project or Workspace features of JCreator. Use them if you want but don't ask me anything about them.

5. sometimes someone has "hidden" the syntax error pane, so at the bottom of the JCreator window "pull up" that pane.