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Installing Oracle 10g XE on Windows       
chapter 3 Using SQL
Oracle on Linux notes
SQL*Plus notes
jargon and concepts

Oracle links
Oracle 10g XE Documentation Home page sections 2,3,4,5,6 of "2 Day Developer Guide"
SQL Reference
Oracle PL/SQL Developer Certification Look at 1Z0-007 in particular. Most/all of that is covered in our course.
previous MySQL version of this course    
Columns data types, constraints
Product-Vendor Create Tables     Product-Vendor Inserts     Product-Vendor data     Product-Vendor Selects     vendor.txt 502B     product.txt 1114B     product vendor as 1 table
Pets     lab exercise     Solution     Pets w/sequence
Oracle's HR schema     hr_create.sql     hr_createEmployee.sql     HR Query examples part 1     part 2
Homework 1     Solution     world_bankfields     world_bank
DML: inserts deletes updates
Joins 1     Lab exercise: joining pets     Solution
Homework 2     Solution     World Creates Inserts     Homework 3     Solution
Create random data: createDB.exe     createDB.cpp     Lab exercise     Solution
j1000     j10000     j100000    
Alter Table
PK query     FK query
grades DB     grades ERD     company DB     company ERD
Subqueries 1     Lab exercise: subquerying pets     Solution
sqlplus command line batch file
User administration notes
mail_order DB     mail_order ERD
Midterm exam     xlsfonts     xlfd     solution
php lab     selectproduct.php     oracleWorld.php     oracleClient.php     Zend oracle functions manual
PL/SQL procedures, functions, cursors     pk     fk     overstocked     emp_sal_ranking     ranking     price_range_count     range_count     word_count
Wine homework     Create Tables     Inserts
kjv.sql     kjv.zip     kjv lab     Solution
gis.pack.sql     Gis homework     gis_createinsert.sql     Gis world     answers
MySQL lab     mysql.exe Windows client     worldMySQL.sql    
Final     answers