Installing Oracle 10g Express Edition XE


Download from Oracle: 10g Express Edition release for Windows OracleXE.exe 165 MB
or grab a copy here in the lab from \\kadenix\public\OracleEX.exe

Install: take all the defaults. If some problem, Oracle 10g XE Documentation Home page read the Installation Guide.

I installed on a desktop and a laptop without incident (except laptop needed more RAM [it won't install if less than 256MB; Oracle takes a lot of RAM, system will be sluggish if only has 256MB]).
It will install as an automatic service (i.e. will automatically start at boot). If you don't want that, use the Services administrative tool to change OracleServiceXE to Manual and start and stop it via the All Programs menu (or the desktop icons).

For running on Linux: Oracle 10g XE on Linux notes