useful 8085 reference
a reference weak
assembly tutorial so-so
Intel specifiactions hardware description
Intel 8080 similar to 8085
Computer functions Basic architecture
8085 lore
8085 description Good

Soudan's course notes

8085 on Mars! Boldly going where no CPU has gone before. PDF Article on the onboard software
Rover home page

8085 image
wikipedia 8085


We use this one: Get it locally at \\kadenix\public\
Aman's home page his download file doesn't work

GSim85 122KB
GTK for Windows Choose the Runtime Environment Installer 6.43MB

Singh's 8085 simulator here

GNU 8085 simulator directory


8085 interrupts
8085 interrupts
8085 instruction set reference that explains RIM SIM DI EI RST
PC interrupts


all of them in zip file
Double a number
If example
Loop x times
Sum of first N integers
Sum i to N integers
Aman's highest and lowest.85
Aman's bubble sort
Multiply subroutine
Swap hex digits
Count #1's
Sum M to N


Lab exercise