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Homework #1
2's complement applet
floating-point applet      Intfile.java write file of ints      sampleInts.data

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Homework Text     Homework Image     Homework Sound

LMC simulator (VVM) 2MB      VVM screenshot      VVM programs      Lab exercise 1

Look at this simple C++ program and it's compiled to x86 assembly version. g++ -S simp.cpp does the compile to assembly. (Can assemble with: as -o simp.o simp.s and then load with: g++ -o simp simp.o to create executable file simp)
Notice in the assembly code the constants 222 and 333 and then the add instruction.

8085 stuff

8086 stuff

HardwareGuys picks
SoX - Sound eXchange
RAD6000 Wikipedia

Carpinelli's Relatively Simple Computer

Wills' homebrewed Simple Computer (don't worry, we won't be using this one)

Program that shows the 2's complement format of a C++ int.
Program that shows the "endianality" of your CPU.
Excerpt from Gulliver's Travels wherein is shewn, in a Manner most forthright and efficacious, the Origin of Endianality, forsooth.

Hardwired CPU Homework due 20 Feb.

int to string
BCD header file   BCD driver
Float format
CPU burn    Page burn    Disk burn

BootIt NG zip 470K

Serial comm etc