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Raptor stuff

Raptor home page and download Avoid the google ad.

The Best Jobs of 2012 IT careers: #2,5,6,7,9
BLS 2013 CS occupations.docx
They're saying it, software engineering is the best job in USA. IT analyst is not bad either.
They're saying it again, software engineering is the best job in USA. IT analyst is not bad either.

Raptor Help: contains everything about Raptor but is somewhat disorganized.
Youtube has 19,200 hits for "raptor programming", 79,000 for "raptor programming tutorial".

Raptor examples

If your browser displays the binary garbage, do Right Click on the .rap link and Save As... it.
Week 1: hello.rap        age.rap        square.rap        calculator2.rap        fahrenheit.rap        rectangle.rap        sqrt.rap        pythagorean.rap        tetrahedron.rap        heron.rap       

OLD: calculator.rap        allOps.rap        songs.rap        celsius.rap        Week 1 conference exercises

Week 2:
20 Mar:   interestN.rap      quadtest.rap      name.rap      graphicstest.rap      circle.rap      line.rap      triangle.rap     
22 Mar:   rectangleDraw.rap      randomtest.rap      randomCircle.rap      mouseCircle.rap      IFsqrt.rap      IFcoin.rap      IFrevenue.rap      IFcircles.rap      IFwage.rap      IFbmi.rap     
Assignment: solids
random.rap        randomRect.rap       

OLD: stringTest.rap       
stringStuff.rap        mpg.rap        graphicstest.rap        calculator.cpp        calculator.exe       

Week 3:
27 Mar:   ellipseTest.rap      IF3way.rap      IFxy.rap      IFcalculator.rap      soundTest.rap     ding.wav     cow.wav      IFinsideCircle.rap     
29 Mar:   operators     
Logical operators explanation      IFquadrant.rap      IFpassword.rap      IFlogical2or5.rap      IFlogicalLanguage.rap      IFlogical2nor5.rap      IFlogicalMonth.rap      IFlogicalRange.rap      ImageTest.rap      trees.gif      NewYorkMap.rap     newyork1113x631.gif       

Week2 conference exercises       
Week 3 conference exercises
Assignment: Pythagorastic triangle        DrawPythag.png
Exercise: Rectangle image

Week 4:
3 Apr:   julian.rap      quadratic.rap        looptest1.rap     LoopFlips.rap     LoopLines.rap     LoopSumming.rap    
5 Apr:   LoopSumming.rap      LoopSummingSentinel.rap      LoopSentinelWords.rap      LoopAskAgain.rap      LoopInfiniteLines.rap      LoopConcentricCircles.rap      LoopRandomPoints.rap      sierpinski.rap     

Make a program that does all/any of these: 600x600        400x400        500x250       
Assignment: shapes

OLD: IFbookRevenue2.rap        IFkids.rap        Week 4 conference exercises

Week 5:
10 Apr:   LinedPaper.rap      LoopInterest.rap      LoopClickQuit.rap      LoopValidation2or5or8.rap      LoopValidationRange.rap      RandomWalk.rap     
Assignment: triangles
12 Apr:   data1.txt      data2.txt      FileInput.rap      MovingCircle.rap     

OLD: beep.wav        ding.wav        drip.wav        ip.wav        cow.wav
newyork1113x631.gif        bitmapNYC.rap        bitmapGPS.rap       
In-class Temperature exercise        inClassTemp0.png        inClassTemp100.png        inClassTemp.rap loopCoinflips.rap       

Week 6: Single pixels      RGB colors      Compare RGB colors
Assignment: Taxes      Homework: GPA
LoopWords.rap        LoopInterest.rap        sierpinski.rap        LoopGrid.rap       
trees.gif               newyork1113x631.gif       
ConcentricCircles.rap        ConcentricCirclesRandom.rap        ImageTest.rap        NewYorkMap.rap       

OLD: LoopOrderedLines.rap       
Week 6 conference exercises

Week 7:
24 Apr: BouncingOffWall.rap        arrayExamples.rap        ArraySumming.rap        ArrayPoints.rap       

26 Apr: ArraySumming.rap        ArrayWords.rap       
Assignment: points

Land measurement in-class exercise        windowshot 1        windowshot 2

OLD: NestedLoopsTable.rap        NestedLoopsStars.rap        NestedLoopsStarsTriangle.rap        NestedLoopsPoints.rap
selection_sort.rap        jigglyMotion8.rap        starburst.rap        loopGridPoints.rap        Starburst.rap        PlaySound.rap       

Week 8: worm.rap       

OLD: bouncingBall.rap        RandomWalk.rap        JigglyCircle.rap        LoopsNestedGrid.rap       

Homework: one to all        oneToAll.png windowshot

dripping.rap        BuffonNeedle.rap