STAT 200

It's easy to lie with statistics, but hard to tell the truth without them.

counting: permutations & combinations Permutations & Combinations calculator permutations   combinations
probability coin & die flipping experiments card hand generator
Generate random data distributions
frequency distribution, histogram and stats freq dist, histogram, stats
freq dist-->data
middles skew
mean & standard deviation Calculator: View|Statistics: Add the xi Then ∑     x̄     σn-1
normal distributions, z-scores x-->Z-score-->CDF graph Normals in Mathpapa.
overlap 2 normals
CLT central limit theorem experiments CLT sampling distro CLT n effect
Chi-squared Χ2 goodness-of-fit Χ2 test
Confidence intervals confidence intervals
correlation correlation, scatter plot, regression line examples    1969 draft    data
Anscombe's quartet

Stats cartoons

winplot usage tips

Generate normal distro w/Galton board
Generate normal distro w/coin flips