David Wills

26°16'42" N 127°46'35" E  elev 102m
There is simply nothing like messing about with computers


Collegiate Associate Professor   University of Maryland, Asian Division 1996-present

Teaching Computer Studies courses in Japan and Korea on:

Teaching UMUC Distance Education classes. 1998-present

Research Associate    Honeywell Corporation

Developed a scalable, parallel, portable, real-time instrumentation development environment for Intel Paragon multicomputer and Sun workstation cluster.

Instructor Graduate Assistant    University of Minnesota

Taught Computer Science courses on:

Lecturer    University of Maryland, European Division

Taught Computer Studies courses in Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands on:
Introduction to Programming, Data Structures, Unix Operating System, C Programming, File Access and Organization, Programming Languages, College Algebra

Programmer    IBM Corporation

Ensured that the complete and correct set of the user interface (MRI) for the IBM AS/400 was available for worldwide natural-language translation.
Enhanced and maintained the translation management system used by IBM Translation Centers.

Graduate Assistant   New Mexico State University

Taught a computer science class on Assembly Language and Computer Architecture

Programmer    New Mexico Solar Energy Institute

Created a software system to collect and analyze data from remotely-located photovoltaic electric sites.
Coordinated the operation of the collection/analysis system and trained personnel in its use.

Research Assistant    New Mexico State University, Physics Dept.

Developed a graphics-oriented simulation of an ultraviolet Lidar.

Software Engineer    RATSCAT Dynalectron Corp., White Sands Missile Range

Developed and maintained software for the realtime acquisition of radar backscatter signatures.
Produced and installed programs to analyze the radar data.
Mediated between the engineering staff and the data processing staff to coordinate activities and to ensure timely delivery of products.

Computer Scientist    National Security Agency

Analyzed and evaluated the security and integrity of commercial operating systems for the DoD Computer Security Center.




French and Spanish intermediate.
German and Japanese elementary.


LPIC-1 (Linux)
SCJP (Java)
CIW Security
MySQL Core
CWNA (wireless)
Oracle SQL (partial)

Test scores

GRE: 750V 790M 720L got me into grad school.
MAT (Miller Analogies Test): 99%ile
HDL: 48 55   Total cholesterol: 175
BMI: 22.3


None now, but did have Top Secret with SBI


flunked, fired, indebted, audited, defaulted, credit-unworthy, bankrupt, repossessed, evicted, sued, arrested, incarcerated, smoked, addicted, obese, tattooed, pierced, VD/STDed, medicated, hospitaled, deprogrammed, or transgendered

Been, done

married, fathered, divorced, and polygraphed


Computo ergo sum