IFSM 201

Office 2010 book data files Download it first and then unzip it.

Notes here or at local server.

Lab exercise: Word processing part 1/D
Lab exercise: Word processing part 2/E
Lab exercise: Word processing part 3/F

print from your laptop at Foster or Futenma

Fonts examples      Spell Chequer      Grammar good no

K, M, G, b, B etc      ASCII
Computer architecture
Inside PC
Misc Windows tricks
Lab exercise 1 Windows/Hardware


Excel part 1/G
Excel part 2/H
Excel part 3/I
Excel part 4a
Excel part 4b
Excel: kana data file import      kana.txt
Excel counties      counties2010.txt           Hybrid: Excel counties Conference

Dell Inspirons
Dell Precision
Hybrid: shopping conference

Office certifications

Access part 1/J           CMIS 320 Database course
Access part 2/K           new Hybrid: Access part 2      old Hybrid: Access part 2      DE: Access part K
Access part K2           new Hybrid: Access part K2     how_to_totals      old Hybrid: Access part K2
Access Counties

Access part 3a      stations.accdb (3MB) World weather stations data.     Notice there's a lot of fields. Read the Design View to understand the fields and their codes.
Access part 3b

Lab: PowerPoint

WWW intro      HTML intro      simple stylesheet
HTML lab           CMST 385 Web Design course

Networking stuff on Windows
cabling     WiFi           CMIT 265 Networking course

Single pixels      RGB colors      Compare RGB colors


Lab exercise Windows/Hardware      alice.txt

Task Manager exercise     cpuburn.exe

IrfanView setup.exe download and install it.
Single pixels      RGB colors      blueglobe.jpg      Image files' comparisons
Image lab exercise

Sounds folder Bach vs Sine wave     
Midi sound maker applet      BeatBox applet      Rhythm exercise

Calculator exercise


Programming     stats.cpp     lotsdata.txt     Rosette.java