CMST 385
Principles of Web Design and Technology I

Spring Session 1: 15 Jan ~ 7 Mar 2013
TTh 1950-2235

David Wills
Class web site:

Prerequisite: CMST 290 or CMIS 102 or IFSM 201 or CMST 103. Recommended: CMST 295.
A study of Web design, tools, and technology principles. The goal is to plan and produce a professional Web site. Topics include Internet protocols; usability; accessibility; and social, ethical, and legal issues related to Web site production. Focus is on Extensible HyperText Markup Language (XHTML) and cascading style sheets (CSS). Students may receive credit for only one of the following courses: CAPP 385 or CMST 385.

On successful completion of this course the student will be able to:

We'll learn how the Web works, how to make web pages with (X)HTML, how to gussy-up web pages with images and CSS. Lots of fun, very relevant to life and business. Assignments include designing and publishing Web pages.


Free software will be used to produce web pages and images.


   Midterm Exam:       25%
   Final Exam:         30%
   Lab exercises/Homeworks:    45%

The grade of 'A' means "outstanding", i.e. mastery of the material. The grade of 'B' means "good". The grade of 'C' means "satisfactory".
Grades are curved and related to the class average. "Significantly above" the class average are the A's, "above" (or sometimes even at) the class average are the B's, at or below the class average are the C's. Significantly below the class average are the D's and F's.
Usually, in the 90's is an A, 80's is a B, 70's is a C.
The grade of “Fn” may only be assigned if a student stops attending class during the first 60% of the class.

PENALTIES: There are penalties for late work. All work must be submitted as specified.
INCOMPLETES: The grade of I is exceptional and given only to students whose completed course work has been qualitatively satisfactory but who have been unable to complete all course requirements because of illness or other extenuating circumstances beyond their control. The grade of I may be considered only for students who have completed at least fifty (50) percent of the total course work requirements and who have received a passing grade on all the course work which they have completed. the instructor retains the right to make the final decision on granting a student's request for an I, even though the student may meet the eligibility requirements for this grade.
POLICIES, PROCEDURES AND GRADES: IAW with the University of Maryland, University Catalog, Asian Division, and the Student Handbook (current editions). These cover essential information such as attendance, grading, make-up work and plagiarism.
Office hours are available at the request of students.