Behavior layer examples



Interpretted source code embedded in HTML file in script element: <script language="javascript"> or src="external .js file".
Form verification
various examples
weather stations map
Ajax is advanced Javascript?

Java applet

compiled Java program bytecode .class file downloaded and runs in browser's JRE (Java runtime environment).
Invoked from HTML file: <applet code="MyApplet.class" width="600" height="600">
spinning rosettes
NormalCurve explorer
Thermodynamics Javascript scripting Java



server side includes: directives embedded in HTML comment in .shtml file interpretted by web server and replaced with output:
<!--#echo var="SOME_SSI_VARIABLE"-->
<!--#exec cmd="path_to_some_program"-->
<!--#exec cgi="/cgi-bin/someCGIprogram"-->
visit the home page of our local server

Form processing

HTML form element's action is a CGI program: <form action="/cgi-bin/someCGIprogram" method="post">
form's encoded data submitted to the program for processing.
visit the ice_cream_showdata.html

Dynamic content

URL is a CGI program: http://server.domain/cgi-bin/someCGIprogram
CGI programs traditionally Perl(?)
visit our local server/cgi-bin/ or or


visit our local server/phpinfo.php srand.php or showdata.php (which could be the action of a form) or rand_images.php or mysqlCommands.php
LAMP: Linux Apache MySQL Php