CMIT 350 Interconnecting Cisco Network Devices

Kadena Term 2 Syllabus

CCNA exam topics from Cisco     


Switches and routers
IP Classes, Ports etc
Routing protocols summary      articles
IOS commands from
IOS modes diagram
Basic show commands
Basic global config commands
Basic security commands
Basic interface commands
Basic routing
Basic CDP
Basic Frame Relay
Basic Access List      article
Basic NAT

Basic switch commands

Lab 0 networking review
Lab 2 basic config in Esim      esim figure
Lab 1 show commands on router
Lab 1 switch show commands
Lab 3 dynamic routing in Esim
traceroutes both ways
Lab JimSim static routes
Lab routing
Classful IP addressing questions
Lab JimSim subnetting      ipcalc      class C subnetting      class C subnets diagram      class B subnets diagram
Lab JimSim 2 roll your own nets
Lab JimSim VLSM subnetting

Lab Packet Tracer 1      esim PT diagram
Lab Packet Tracer 2      Chapter 16 network diagram
Lab Packet Tracer 3      Chapter 15 network diagram
Lab PT Switch 1(vlans in 1 switch + router)      ptSwitch1.png network diagram
Lab PT Switch 2(vlans in 2 switches)      ptSwitch2.png network diagram
Lab PT Switch trouble-shooting      lab_ptSwitchTS.pkt
Lab PT Switch VTP
Lab PT STP      ptStp1.png network diagram
Lab PT NAT      ptNAT1.png network diagram

Final exam      final.pkt

Lab RouterSim Demo      RouterSim demo network      network 2
Lab access lists      NMMU network diagram
INTRO Test net diagrams      ICND Test net diagrams
Lab subnets      10 subnets diagram
30 question quiz


Cisco CCNA

Torii VUE testing      Foster testing center too! 645-3944

Cisco Router Guide (pdf 3MB)
Cisco Catalyst Switch Guide (pdf 1MB)

Tribeca Express example prices of gear
RouterGod celebrities explain stuff.
NSA router and switch security guides
Network diagrams

Practice CCNA test sites

proprofs 30

10 study tips
study tips