h1: Intro to HTML

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Download/Save this page as a single-page/web-only .html file. Then Open it with/in Notepad.

HTML element: <tag attribute="value" ...>optional content</tag>

p: Paragraphs

some emphasized or strongly emphasized text in a p paragraph tag. Notice that whitespace (blanks and newlines) is not preserved. Text flows. All the structuring of the document is specified by the tags.

Here's another short paragraph.


ul: Unordered list:

ol: Ordered list:

  1. first li item
  2. second li item
  3. third item
  4. fourth item. by default it's numbered, but can be ABC or abc or I II III etc

dl: Definition list:

dt term
dd definition
lovable furry critter. watch out for the claws
another obscure animal you'll find in the zoo
you're kiddin!

img: Images

An inline image is in-line with the text: and here's the text after the image.

table: Table

Simple basic caption
Quarter 1 Quarter 2 Quarter 3 Quarter 4
Income $14,000 $12,000 $19,000 $9,000
Expenses $4,000 $2,000 $900 $2,000
(HTML has no concept of numbers, everything is just formatted text.)

a: Links

Let's go to my home page
Let's go to UMUC AD
Or to another document at this web site in this same folder.
clickable image link: