CMIT 265 Networking Essentials


Network+ 2009 objectives (PDF) from CompTIA      text version
N10-006.pdf Newest version 2015


LANs vs WANs
Media      Twisted pair      Radio/antennas      WiFi      Optical
Ethernet      Frame format
Switches and Routers      Cisco switch commands
Cisco router show commands      IOS modes      IOS routing cmds      routing example      Routing tables on host
IP      misc2      Arp and Ping frames      ICMP Error frames      C subnets      subnet app
example internetwork
UDP      UDP (DNS and NTP) frames      UDP (DHCP) frames
TCP      TCP vs UDP      hello.txt      3-way handshake and HTTP frames
Application protocols
OSI reference model
WAN links
Routing protocols, Backups, RAID, misc      Intro to networks      Classification of nodes
Windows TCP/IP commands      CMD tips

Internet diagrams
     Internet IP map
Glossary      short Glossary      OK Glossary


Lab: UTP and NICs
Lab: PING    Das Boot ping.wav    Ping!      Home: PING    Connectivity problem!
Lab: Camp Henry PING
Kadena Home
Lab: Camp Henry MAC ARP
practice IP      subnets C 1  2  3  4
Switch lab      Camp Henry Switch lab      minimalNetPT.png
Router lab      Henry Router lab      minimalInternetPT.pkt      minimalInternetPT.png
Lab: Tracert      Lab: Camp Henry Tracert    Lab: Foster Tracert    traceroutes both ways     
Configuring Router lab      esim diagram      esimBlank diagram      esim.exe (730KB)
Scenario Router lab
Lab: TCP ports      Henry TCP ports
Lab: Packet Tracer      esim.png      esim diagram
Lab: NMAP      Nmap users: Bourne, Trinity, Bush
Lab: Linux
Lab: Apache      index.txt should be "index.shtml.txt"
Lab: Wireshark     etherealDump1     wireshark-win32-1.4.0.exe
Lab: Netgear WAP
Intro HTML      Lab: HTML      simpleStyle.txt      dkbluesky.jpg

Lab: Task Manager      Lab: FTP      pscp.exe      Lab: Scan      Lab: Printers      Lab: WAP     
Lab: Static routing

midterm terms



CompTIA Network+

Professor Messer's video topices

Networks plain and simple      Part 2
UDEL computer center large photos
very good on Ethernet
Cisco Ethernet      Cisco Internetworking Handbook
Lantronix networking tutorials
Internet map
Internet drawing map

Wikipedia OSI Internet TCP UDP ICMP IP Ethernet IEEE_802 etc

Glossary from Novell      Another glossary      Matisses' glossary      another one      another one

Network World

Practice Network+ test sites

these free tests tend to have many questions about obsolete stuff (e.g. 95/NT, coax, token ring, bridges, hubs )
proprofs 150 questions

gunners 350      practice1.doc      practice2.txt      practice3.txt      practice IP
CompTIA's 9      CompTIA's new online 30
someone's 400 questions
someone's 14-page study guide mediocre
Matching 1
Pawan's 40 questions without the answers

Old textbook:
End of chapter answer sheet      the answers
powerpoints zipped