University of Maryland/Asian Division

CMIS 415 - UNIX and C

Term 3: 22 Jan - 15 Mar 2001

Kadena (723) T/Th 2000-2245

David Wills

PREREQUISITE: officially: CMIS 240 and CMIS 325
However, 240 material is not used and therefore not needed. 140-level C++ programming is sufficient.

From the catalog:
An investigation of the interaction between the UNIX operating system and the C programming language. The features of UNIX that support C, including library and system calls, UNIX utilities, debuggers, graphics, and file structure, are presented. Programming projects in C that implement UNIX command features are assigned.

You will learn C (as opposed to C++) programming. You will also learn some of the cool things you can program in Unix.

COURSE OBJECTIVES: On successful completion of this course, you will be able to:

  1. be able to program in C.
  2. be able to program in C on Unix systems.
  3. know the system calls and functions that all real-world programs make use of.
  4. have learned structure and operation of the Unix OS
  5. specifically, we will cover such topics as:

Advanced Programming in the Unix Environment, by Stevens. This is a very good book. It's the authoritative classic in the field. Very well written.

EVALUATION: Your final grade will be based on an exam and homeworks (programs) in the following proportions:

Homework	  	65%
Final Exam	  	35%