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They're saying it, software engineering is the best job in USA. IT analyst is not bad either.
They're saying it again, software engineering is the best job in USA. IT analyst is not bad either.

Installing J2SE JDKfrom Sun. Choose the JDK 6 Update 18 (or whatever the most recent update number is)
Java SE Development Kit (JDK) 6 Update 18    jdk-6u18-windows-i586-p.exe 76.29 MB   
Accepting all the defaults when installing is fine.

Sun's Java online reference very complex. Unusable to learn how to program, it's for highly detailed reference.
A Java tutorial one of dozens on the Web.

Getting and Installing JCreator       

Book sections to read and study TBD

Circle.java      TestCircle.java
TestCircle3.java      TestCircle3GUI.java
Week 1 assignment

Loan.java      TestLoanClass.java
BMI.java      UseBMIClass.java
TestRectangle2DGUI.java      rectangles100points500.gif
Week 2 assignment

GeometricObject.java      Circle.java      Rectangle.java      TestGeometricHeirarchy.java
Week 3 assignment

Week 4 TestGeometricHeirarchy.java
Week 4 assignment

Week 5 assignment

Week 6 TestShape3D.java
Week 6 assignment

Week 7 TestGeometricHeirarchy.java
Week 7 assignment

Circle.java      Ellipse.java      Rectangle.java      GeometricObject.java
Week 8 assignment      GeometricObjectGUI.png      cmdJava.txt      GeometricObjectGUI.class

Inheritance1.java      Inheritance2.java      Inheritance3.java      Inheritance4.java      Inheritance5.java      Inheritance6.java      Polymorphism.java     

Shape3DTest      Shape3D.java      Shape3DTest.java
Stick.java      StickGame.java