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Windows (x86, 64-bit), MSI Installer 		5.5.28 	32.6M 	

When installing and configuring, take all the default options but:,
--Include Bin Directory in Windows Path (so the mysql client is accessible from any folder in CMD).
--give root (the MySQL administrator account) a password of 'mysql', or whatever you want, it's your server.
--Create the Anonymous account (so no username/password is needed to access your server)
--allow hole in firewall if you want to be able to access your server from your other networked computers.

The default is to install and run the MySQL server automatically as a service, which means it will start each time your system is booted.
You can manually start/stop it by: net start mysql OR net stop mysql
You can switch it to not start automatically at boot time by running services.msc and changing the Propeties of MySQL so its "Startup type" is "Manual"

In a CMD command prompt window, run mysql to test if your mysql server is accessible.

Improve your use of command prompt: CMD tips

Skip the rest.

To manually add the server's folder to the command PATH (if you didn't have the configuration wizard do so):
Start | Computer -- Properties--AdvancedSystemProperties--Advanced--Environment Variables--edit Path, append:
;"C:\Program Files\MySQL\MySQL Server 5.5\bin"

mysql.exe can be copied to other machines on your network and the server accessed by:
mysql -h server's_IP_address


Your Linux distro maybe came with MySQL, maybe as a RPM. To see what installed RPMs related to MySQL:
rpm -qa | grep -i mysql
If none, download the Linux x86 RPM downloads
"Server 4.1.7-0 14.2M"
"Client programs 4.1.7-0 5.3M"

Or it's a Debian package. such as used by Ubuntu.
as root: apt-get install mysql will probably be mostly what's needed.

Installing chapter of manual

These are NOT needed for our class. They provide GUIs for administration and organizing queries.
MySQL Administrator download makes admin easy
MySQL Query Browser download site OK for organizing queries