CMIS 320 Database

MySQL 5.0 Tutorial     synopsis/homework     pet.txt     First day stuff
CMD tips     BLS computing careers
Why we're using MySQL    
Downloading and installing MySQL software

Database terms work in progress
common tasks create, show, insert, delete, update, alter. Indexes. Functions. Identifiers. etc.
SELECT statement
Column datatypes        examples 1     pet5Enum.sql
Column modifiers        pet3.sql     examples 1     pet4Auto.sql     pet6Event.sql
Routines examples
User accounts and privileges

DBs directory

example databases and tables


select handout 1     client handout     select Having handout     output handout
enum&set handout    
Indexes handout
ERD examples
Foreign Key handout     foreign key image     parent_child.txt     pet6Event.sql     world database handout     worldFK.png
event handout     join handout     joinExample.sql
product-vendor tables
Set handout
pet GIS     petGIS.png
self join handout
pet GIS polygons     petGISpolygons.png
subquery handout

Generic parent-child
outer join handout
fulltext handout (bible)     fulltext (howtos)
GIS spatial extensions cabs, addresses, area
Linked table examples: Mail order     Company     Grades

MS Access

Intro to Access (IFSM 201) Unit J and K PDFs and exercises:
J.pdf     Exs. J     
K.pdf     how_to_totals     Exs. K1     Exs. K2

stations.accdb (3MB) World weather stations data.     Notice there's a lot of fields. Read the Design View to understand the fields and their codes.
Access part 3a      Access part 3b

Access counties
Lab/Homework: Access     MS Access world

Labs / Homeworks

SKIP:Tutorial homework
homework 1 as client     more fun with pets
Lab 2 pets     pet2.sql    
World Bank homework     world_bankfields.txt     world_bankinputfile.txt    
Counties homework     counties2010.txt    
Autoincrement and Counties2    
lab_pet5EnumSet.txt     pet5Enum.sql
Lab/Homework: 1,000,000 rows     createDB.cpp create random data files.     createDB.exe Windows executable     japan_bigwordsDistro.png     japan_smallwordsDistro.png
Superzips     superzipCreate.sql     superzips.csv
Lab/Homework: Bible     bible.sql
Lab 4 World cities, countries, languages     world handout     worldFK.png     worldFK.sql
Pet Event joins     pet6Event.sql
Joins 1     product-vendor Create     product-vendor Inserts     product-vendor tables
Pet GIS     petGIS.sql     petGIS.png
GIS homework     geom.sql     geom.gif     geomMisc.txt(ignore)
Lab/Homework: Vocabulary Words     wordsMysql.txt     commonestwords.txt     words_lengthDistro.png
Practice test. Do in class today

Lab/Homework: countrylanguage
Lab/Homework: subqueries
Lab/Homework: joins 2

Lab/Homework: Bible fulltext     bibleFulltext.sql
GIS Points homework     geomPoints.sql     geom.gif
createGeom.cpp     createGeom.exe

PHP Lab     phpinfo.php.txt drop the .txt
Php MySQL examples: petphp.php.txt     mysqlQuery.php.txt     mysqlCommands.php.txt

Mail order     mail_order.txt     mail_orderCreate.sql     mail_orderInsert.sql
Company     company.txt     company.dump
Grades     grades.txt     grades.sql
Wine     wine_create.sql     wine_insert.sql

Review exercises


MySQL Reference Manual online     downloadable versions

MySQL (Oracle) Certifications
5.6 Developer certification objectives
5.6 Administrator certification objectives

OLD: MySQL DEV certification objectives     CMA certification objectives
MySQL Certification Guide Addendum for 4.1
Map of IT College in Naha VUE test center. at the intersection. Free parking.

Youtube videos

Simon Allardice 40 4-8 minute videos
Dr. Soper 8 50-min videos. Watch at 1.25 speed.

Book chapters and MySQL articles

Getting started with MySQL misc. admin about user accounts, privileges, dumps
GIS and Spatial Extensions with MySQL
MySQL subqueries
4.1 new features articles list
MySQL Storage Engine Architecture
MySQL Tutorial: Chapter 10, Using Transactions with InnoDB Tables
MySQL SET Datatype
Appendix A of MySQL Administrators Guide
Chapter from High-Performance MySQL: Storage Engines
Chapter from High-Performance MySQL: Back to Basics
Chapter 6 of High Performance MySQL: Server Performance Tuning interesting for any kind of server.
Chapter 7 of High Performance MySQL: Replication
Using subqueries in MySQL Part 1
Using subqueries in MySQL Part 2
Understanding SQL Joins
Beginning MySQl Database Design and Optimization. Chapter 6: Finding the bottlenecks
Definitive Guide to MySQl. Chapter 5: Database design


PC Magazine: "Server databases clash" "Oracle9i and MySQL had the best performance and scalability"
Computerworld: "MySQL breaks into the data center"
InfoWorld: "MySQL readies beta of enterprise open source database"
MySQL server architecture for Sabre