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Finding out your grade in web tycho
DE Term 5 Syllabus       

Computer Architecture        Prefix table        Inside PC        Disks
CMD tips        Misc Windows tricks

Raptor stuff

Javascript stuff

The Best Jobs of 2012 IT careers: #2,5,6,7,9
BLS 2013 CS occupations.docx
They're saying it, software engineering is the best job in USA. IT analyst is not bad either.
They're saying it again, software engineering is the best job in USA. IT analyst is not bad either.
from The Atlantic: bestDegrees.png
Major #1: Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science

Installing J2SE JDKfrom Sun/Oracle. Choose the JDK 7 Update 51 (or whatever the most recent update number is)
Java SE Platform (JDK) 7 Update 51    Java SE Development Kit 7u51 jdk-7u51-windows-x64.exe 124 MB   
Accepting all the defaults when installing is fine.
Yes, there is a Linux version of the JDK. See my out-of-date notes about it here. MAC too, somewhere...

Oracle/Sun's Java online reference very complex. Unusable to learn how to program, it's for highly detailed reference.

Getting and Installing JCreator        Using JCreator

Book sections to read and study

HelloWorld.java        HelloWorld1.java

Lab 1
WageCalculator.java uses Scanner
WageCalculatorApplet     WageCalculatorApplet.java

Math review

FirstApplet     FirstApplet.java howto make an applet
Lab 2 basic drawing
Make your applet look like this
Make another one that looks like this
Printing an applet: Windows: Alt PrintScreen copies focused window. Paste into IrfanView , select area, cut it and paste it, Print (Best fit, landscape).

IntVariable.java int variables and arithmetic
SecondApplet     SecondApplet.java fill, Color, Font
Lab 2b

uploading to web site
Filezilla FTPr (from local network only) else find it in Internet.

DoubleDemo.java doubles
StringDemo.java Strings
MessageDialogDemo.java JOptionPane output
Lab 2c

InputDialog.java JOptionPane input
MoreVariables.java skip
Lab 2d


RectangleAppletInit     RectangleAppletInit.java init w/JOptionPane
HelloApplet2c     HelloApplet2c.java init and paint
Lab 3

HelloApplet2b     HelloApplet2b.java getWidth getHeight
HelloApplet2     HelloApplet2.java more init
Lab 3 rectangle


Sqrt     Sqrt.java
PythagorasApplet     PythagorasApplet.java
Lab 4


Circle2Applet     Circle2Applet.java centering a circle
QuadraticFormula     QuadraticFormula.java
TriangleApplet     TriangleApplet.java
Lab 6 (index.html)

SqrtIfApplet     SqrtIfApplet.java
PasswordApplet     PasswordApplet.java
Calculator4Applet     Calculator4Applet.java    
Lab If part 1
Homework. shapes

NumberIf.java "3-way branch"
CalculatorIfApplet     CalculatorIfApplet.java cascaded else ifs
ColorCircleApplet     ColorCircleApplet.java Math.random

MonthsApplet     MonthsApplet.java nested ifs
Quadratic     Quadratic.java


Temperature conversion practice midterm     MidtermTemp applet
BMI-calculating practice midterm     BMI midterm applet

Lab 5b fractions

Homework. triangles

LogicalOperatorsTest     LogicalOperatorsTest.java logical operators
Lab: logical operators

JulianDate Applet     JulianDate.java lots of ifs

for loops Applet     ForLoopsTest.java for statement
Lab Loops

FlashingCircles Applet     FlashingCircles.java
Starburst Applet     Starburst.java    
StaticNoise Applet     StaticNoise.java    
Motion Applet     Motion.java
Lab Motion

Experiment lab looping
AnalogClock Applet     AnalogClock.java
HTML intro

WhileLoopsDemo Applet     WhileLoopsDemo.java
SumAvgMax Applet     SumAvgMax.java     SumAvgMaxStrings.java
Lab: while loops

Tax Homework Due: 11 Mar

SoundClipsDemo Applet     SoundClipsDemo.java
gong.au     drip.au     ding.au     beep.au     ip.au     cow.wav     sample.midi
    artillery1.wav (ADPCM wave--not playable by Java)     artillery2.wav (PCM wave-- playable by Java)

ImageIconDemo Applet     ImageIconDemo.java
trees.gif     animated penguin.gif     icon1.png
Lab BeepingMotion

Bouncing Applet     Bouncing.java
Lab LocoMotion     Calculating if circles are touching
exam practice questions

Sticks Applet     Sticks.java    
Sticks Lab

Lab 13 Dec

Lab 16 May
ScrollPane demo     ScrollPane.java
Lab: Heads or Tails
Lab 29 Sept

Bouncing2 applet     Bouncing2.java

GridSimple applet     GridSimple.java

Fractions display     Fractions.java     fractions.png     fractions2.png

Pulsing applet     FINAL EXAM