CMIS 102
Lab exercise

Write a program that does the Gauss formula of question 2 of page 140. Input the value of n from the user and then do the formula. Output the result. Hint: sum of the integers from 1 to 10 is 55.

Write a program that implements all the formulas of question 3 of page 140. Input the x and y from the user, then output the results of all the formulas.

Enter the program of question 6 of page 141. Get rid of the consts and replace them with variables whose values will be input by the user.

Download the Housecost program. Change it so that the five consts are replaced by variables whose values are input by the user.

Write the program [to be] discussed in class to calculate the area of a cone. Input the radius and height from the user, then do the formula
area = PI times radius times square root of (radius squared plus height squared)
The formula is displayed on the board.