University of Maryland/Asian Division

CAPP 340 - Computer Applications in Management

Term 2: 23 Oct - 16 Dec. 2000

Kadena (723) TTh 2000-2245

David Wills


COURSE DESCRIPTION: An overview of computer-based information system concepts and operations and how these capabilities are applied by management to improve the work processes of business, government, and the academic entities. Consideration is also given to management planning at the strategic, tactical, and operational levels necessary to effect continuous improvements. The interchange of electronic information and the application of various computing tools such as spreadsheets and databases are introduced.

You will learn a lot about how to use spreadsheets and databases (expanding your introduction to them that you made in IFSM 201). You will also learn what they are used for in business and management. Business, management, and acounting students will learn how to solve practical business problems using spreadsheets and databases. Computing students will learn what spreadsheets and databases are used for in the business world. We will blend software tool operations, business concepts, information systems concepts, and problem solving techniques. The major goal is to develop the knowledge and skills to use popular software tools to solve common business problems.

Info. Business: Prin. Practices, Opp. Senn, James
Microsoft Excel 97, Cram, Carol


Homeworks             50%
Midterm Exam	      25%
Final exam	      25%