University of Maryland/Asian Division

CAPP 305 Introduction to Visual Basic

Term 1: 28 Aug - 14 Oct 2000
T/Th 2000-2245 Foster

David Wills

Class Website with the example programs, lab exercises, assignments to download.


COURSE DESCRIPTION: This course is intended to give the student knowledge of, and experience in, programming in Visual Basic. The student will be introduced to standards and conventions of programming in the graphical user interface (GUI) environment. Emphasis will be placed on gaining an understanding of proper design, placement, and coding of the graphical features of the interface. UMUCAD computer labs have VB 6 installed on all computers. Each student may wish to purchase Microsoft Visual Basic version 6 for this course.

COURSE OBJECTIVES: On successful completion of this course, you will be able to:

  1. Recognize and explain the components of a graphical user interface.
  2. Understand and demonstrate proper graphical user interface design utilizing: menus, controls, icons, dialogs and color.
  3. Explain the concept of event driven programming and how it differs from procedural programming.
  4. Demonstrate proficiency in designing, coding, compiling and running Visual Basic programs.
  5. Design and develop a program that utilizes sequential file access.
We'll learn:

Visual Basic 6. Step by Step.

EVALUATION: Your grade will be based on a midterm and a final examination, and some homeworks in the following proportions:

Homework		  50%	
Midterm Exam		  25%
Final Exam	          25%

According to the UMUCAD catalog the grade of 'A' means 'Outstanding', 'B' is 'Good', 'C' is 'Satisfactory'. Grades are curved, based on the class average. There is no fixed grading of 90-100 is an A, etc. Significantly above the average is A-ish, above the average or maybe just above or at the average is B-ish, etc.