Koeppen climate classification terms, formulas, examples

Temperature and Precipitation records derrived from GHCN data

Interactive map World weather stations 7280 WMO temperature stations from GHCN v2.mean, v2.min, v2.max and with matching precipitation records from v2.prcp GHCN data and calculated Koeppen class. Dynamically generated SVG climograph at bottom of page (I haven't got it to work on the popup window yet...)
2MB HTML file and 3MB JPEG image.
Better with Firefox 2. IE 6 needs ActiveX allowed (even though this has no ActiveX??). IE 7: how to do this??? Both IEs won't rewrite the popup window, need to kill it before each station click.

Weather stations metadata from "inventory" file and with Koeppen class and monthly summarized average temperatures and precipitations.
fields key

The same Weather stations data but as ; separated fields suitable for input to database table.
MySQL table definition and load