Math stuff

Explanations and pics:
Linear functions
Quadratic functions
Conic sections
Polynomial functions
Rational functions
Root functions
Exponential functions
floor function     Semicircles      area Volumes
Inverse of a function
Trigonometric functions
Finite from infinite
Gaussian Normal Bell curves
Data distributions generator

MATH 103
Simple interest calculator
Compound interest calculator
Annuity calculator
Mortgage calculator
Permutations & Combinations calculator
coin & die flipping experiments
histogram and stats
Generate data distributions Uniform, Normal, Binomial
Generate normal distro w/coin flips
Gaussian Normal Bell curves
Graph papers images for printing

CMIS 160 Discrete Math Applets
CMIS 160 Discrete Math C++ programs

bits bytes Mega etc
Single pixels      RGB colors      Compare RGB colors
Windows calculator exercise
Class C subnets pic      Class B subnets pic
GIS world pic
Sports acre pic      Fractions pic
Fractions2 pic
R Q Z N pic
algebraic expression pic
φ Golden Ratio facts pics
Latitude/Longitude conversion. Great Circle distance calculation
Birthday probability
Sun stuff of various latitudes     Sun stuff applet